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 About Nitto • Profile

• History

PT. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA was established in 1985 by joint venture with Astra Group. The factory was located at Jati Uwung, Tangerang. In 1992, factory was moved to a new plant at Manis Industrial Zone, Tangerang.

In 1995, PT. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA started to manufacture the long shaft product under a technical assistance agreement with Hariki Seiko Co. Ltd. Japan.

In 1997, PT. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA was rewarded zero accident ceritificate by President Republic of Indonesia. And in 1998 become a 100% Japan Investment Company.

Certificate of ISO 9002 Quality System was received by PT.NITTO ALAM INDONESIA at December 15, 1998, have been updated to follow ISO 9001 at January 2002.
• Quality Policy

The management of PT. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA had committed to produce high quality product with price competitiveness as well as punctual time of delivery.

Our company's policy have been declared to consistency mantain its quality continuously even to increase it. We realize that the above target could be achieved by implementing an effective management quality system which has to be properly administered matching with condition as required by ISO 9002 - 1994 standard.

The entire employee have acknowledged, carried out and mantaining the system as well as be responsible for quality of product for their customers.

The company shall evaluate its system to follow technology development and customer's demand so, enabling us becoming leading company in domestic market as well as in global market.


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